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Hastings -> BU/BC/Fordham/UW

Postby lawstudento » Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:24 pm

Pending second semester grades, I'm considering a transfer. I guess these schools are something of a middle-ground, if grades aren't bad but aren't as good as first semester, these are what I'm thinking about.

I really enjoy San Francisco, but even with a good first-semester performance I realize the market is tough, and it'll be tough pretty much anywhere I want to go. Given that, I'm starting to think about the options I didn't have when I first applied to law school (barely made it in here) and the fact that this may be one of the last chances I have to try to live somewhere different, outside of California.

Chiefly I need to decide where I want to live and where I am compelled enough to spend a lot of money moving, uproot my life, and move to, so I suppose that's not at issue here, but it does constrain the schools I'm considering. However, unless my GPA stays/moves up, then I don't see other big cities with solid schools I can see myself living in long term.

What I am concerned about are the markets for law. I'm interested in business/corporate law and maybe litigation, but am fairly open to whatever rubs me right.

What is the benefit/detriment in transferring to these schools? Are Boston or New York doing any better or worse for the well-performing student (not looking for outliers)?

Anything in particular that I should consider for these schools, or for other schools?

Edit: I'd even consider GW if it didn't seem to be even more expensive and, at least on TLS, to have even worse job prospects than I'm looking at or would look at. If I got GULC, I'd be there in a heartbeat.

Edited also to include UW - Seattle isn't a city I normally think about, but I feel like UW, if I maintain some level of competitiveness, should afford me a better overall shot at decent employment.

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