Want to do Crimlaw - what should I ask during meeting?

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Want to do Crimlaw - what should I ask during meeting?

Postby sethc » Fri Jan 28, 2011 5:53 pm

Hey guys, I figure this has to be the best source for this kind of question. FWIW: 1L, 2nd term, low-tier school planning to transfer back home to KY (either UK, UL, or NKU - depending on Spring GPA) and most likely will practice there somewhere.

I had decided a long, long, long time ago that criminal law was pretty much my destiny and after a semester of crimlaw with an amazing professor, that desire is nothing but augmented now. That's not to say I'm turned off to other areas, but barring any changes in mindset then that's what I'm shooting for with the exception/supplemental of the emerging law surrounding technology/cyberlaw/computer law. I am very interested in the criminal side, of course, but basically any area surrounding it besides maybe the property-law side of it - but that's of no consequence for now.

I had a meeting with my crim prof, but about 30min into it, we got cut short due to something that day - I don't recall. Anyways, she set another meeting next Thur (Feb3) and I also have another meeting right after that with a crimlaw prof I've never had.

PROF#1: Basically did nothing but public-defender crimlaw with some appellate work that was heavily involved with death penalty cases. After moving, prof jumped straight to teaching; defended at both state/fed level;

    -I first got a rundown on all classes/requirements/externships/clinics available at the school and what I needed to do to qualify for them asap
    -Decided to do crimlaw on 2nd day of law school
    -Never worked for the prosecution side nor wanted/wants to
    -Very genuine personal passion for criminal defense (me too!) that never caused her problems
    -Some minor (subjective) insight into the differences/likes/dislikes of federal vs state crim litigation
    -No clients ever were retaliatory/threats

    *What salary should I expect/be comfortable with upon graduation (in the area)? Can you speak to salaries in other locations?
    *Any specific locations you know of that are ideal for crim practice?
    *What were the predominant kinds of clients/crimes you dealt with?
    *Should I volunteer or ask for work anywhere during school and/or prior to summer?
    *Any places I should look in the area outside of public-defender stuff?
    *How much experience, if any, in front a jury?

PROF#2: Clerked for USDC judge; Former federal prosecutor (ND law grad) for 10yrs doing general crimes such as firearms/drugs/bank robberies/kidnap/mail theft/counterfeiting/economic crimes like money laundering and other white-collar stuff. He ALSO served for the State atty-gen for <10yr starting a cyber-crime unit prosecuting those types of crimes -- which is the main reason I'm going to meet with this guy.

    *Before cybercrime-unit, how'd you get interested and proficient in technology/computers?
    *[basically going to ask different questions to gouge him and try to figure out just how good he is with technology/computers]
    *Thoughts/opinions on the WikiLeaks thing and how it might impact US & cyber laws?
    *Why quit the cybercrime thing?
    *Ever do defense? If not, why? If so, preference? Most/best opportunities for a current law student?
    *State/Federal court experience differences and which one would be better to focus on over the other, if at all?
    *Most common type of internet-crime he prosecuted/seen? [presumably stalking/catch a predator shit]
    *Any new crimes on the horizon that haven't been litigated at all or very much?
    *It's a small niche, how would I go about finding opportunities to REALLY focus on this & get clients?
    *Any places in the area w/ people that also handle these cases?
    *Any national organizations I should check out?
    *Know any crim-def lawyers well enough to recommend contacting?
    *Why not more course-focus on this issue?
    *Coolest thing about doing this kind of crimlaw?

That's about all I got so far.. mind you most of these came from a 15-20min scribble session on a legal pad while I was waiting in the doctor's office.. so if they sound dumb, don't worry I plan to articulate them better than this. Anybody see anything I might have missed or might would want personal insight on?? Anything at all!

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Re: Want to do Crimlaw - what should I ask during meeting?

Postby DallasCowboy » Fri Jan 28, 2011 8:05 pm



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Re: Want to do Crimlaw - what should I ask during meeting?

Postby sethc » Sat Jan 29, 2011 5:00 pm

Thanks for the contribution.

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Re: Want to do Crimlaw - what should I ask during meeting?

Postby vanwinkle » Sat Jan 29, 2011 5:06 pm

If I had professors who were already happy with my in-class performance and teach the field I'm interested in, my biggest question at this point would be "what internships would you recommend I look for this summer?" and "do you know anyone there that would be good for me to speak to?"


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Re: Want to do Crimlaw - what should I ask during meeting?

Postby sethc » Mon Jan 31, 2011 9:21 pm

Thanks that's something I'm going to push heavy for answers to. The one I have met with already seems to be pushing for me to take some summer courses so that I can qualify for their PD-clinic as soon as I possibly can. Outside of that, there has been no reference to anything specific in the local area.

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