Top 30 to Tier 3 transfer?

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Re: Top 30 to Tier 3 transfer?

Postby romothesavior » Mon Apr 19, 2010 4:45 am

D. H2Oman wrote:
romothesavior wrote:Waterman, do you ever sleep?

lol I'm not a really student anymore and don't have a real job man. It's wreaking havoc on my sleep schedule.

Perhaps I should start my own law school admissions consulting company, I could be the next Anna Ivey.

You and DF should start a consulting company where students pay you to pick a school for them. You really should be getting compensated for that "BP decides where you go to law school" thread. Your customers would pay for the advice, but the snarky comments would be complimentary. You wouldn't even need to leave your house; you could do it all online and save a lotta money by not going to law school.

And god I wish I wasn't in school right now... I'm in the midst of an all-nighter preparing my senior capstone powerpoint. TLS is the only thing keeping me sane... its my way of reminding myself that if I don't finish this goddamn presentation, I can't go to law school and slave away at a 40k/year job while drowning in six figures of debt. FML


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Re: Top 30 to Tier 3 transfer?

Postby splinter23x » Mon Apr 19, 2010 3:00 pm

bk1 wrote:
CanadianWolf wrote:My point is that most posters here are guessing simply because they are very young & inexperienced. Nothing personal about it, no need to be overly sensitive.
Many successful layers were educated at non-prestigious law schools.

And Bill Gates doesn't have a college degree. You don't base decisions on outliers.


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