1L summer jobs - what is this December 1st deadline?

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Re: 1L summer jobs - what is this December 1st deadline?

Postby underdawg » Sat Sep 05, 2009 12:24 pm

worldtraveler wrote:
mr.undroppable wrote:
kurla88 wrote:
Anonymous User wrote:Amazing idea: Ask your goddamn Career Services Office these questions and they'll probably tell you the answer accurately and precisely.

Amazing idea, stop being such a bitch and misusing the anonymous function.

So what we should do is walk into OCS to have our questions answered... and then be turned away? Does this November 1st rule apply to OCS in general, or just if you're looking for a firm job? Someone mentioned that even for non-firm jobs, you shouldn't be waiting till break to apply, so I again run into the same problem of not having that much on my resume... and needing some help from OCS.


You seriously need to relax. OCS is not handicapping you, the rules are perfectly evenhanded for everyone. What are you even expecting OCS to do for you? They are just going to tell you to check out Chambers & Partners/Martindale and to read the resume writing guide they have on their website (every OCS will have this). They are not magic workers and they will not help you get a job. They pretty much just point you to websites or check your resume for grammar.

I think you misunderstand their role and how busy they are with 2L/3Ls this time of year. Your resume problems literally could not be a lower priority in the scheme of an OCS worker's responsibilities. Maybe try writing your resume by yourself by following the hundreds of 'how to write a resume' guides found online, they will probably have better advice than your OCS anyway.

Calm down. She's just asking a question.

Kurla, at least the way it works at my school is that as 1Ls we can go to any information sessions or things like that sponsored by the CSO. Individual appointments, resume reviews, and things like that wait until after Nov. 1.


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