Firms in SD and PHX

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Firms in SD and PHX

Postby Anonymous User » Wed Jun 12, 2019 7:25 pm

Hey all,

I'm a 3rd year capital markets associate at a V20 in NY thinking about going west. Originally from San Diego but moved to Phoenix during high school. What's the market look like in those places? Are there any firms y'all recommend checking out (open to biglaw/boutique/any type of firm)? While going back to SD would be nice, I think taking the bar again would be a pain. Also have family in New Mexico and Texas so I'd consider those too. FWIW graduated median from T14 with law review (doubt this matters). Like the work and firm but just getting tired of the NY grind and would like to be closer to the family.

Any thoughts are appreciated! Thx!

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Re: Firms in SD and PHX

Postby LaLiLuLeLo » Wed Jun 12, 2019 7:46 pm

Dunno about other markets, but San Diego has legitimate cap markets work. From what I’ve seen mostly equity and a ton of ATMs, follow ons, etc and you’ll probably handle 34 Act stuff as well. I think it’s mostly company rep not sure what the underwriter rep is like (Latham SD does a decent amount of company rep but I think they do both, for example). So, you have Latham, Cooley and DLA that I know do cap markets stuff. Not sure about other players like Fenwick. I’ve heard positive things about all those places, though I have to imagine Latham probably churns the most hours. Still, it’s nothing like the NYC grind.

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