Life Sciences / Healthcare Regulatory Practice

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Life Sciences / Healthcare Regulatory Practice

Postby Anonymous User » Sat Nov 17, 2018 12:18 pm

There's a lot of talk on this board about day to day life in big law but it seems like it's mostly focused on corporate or litigation. I'm going to a firm with very strong life sciences and healthcare regulatory practices. I have some pre law school experience in the field and would be interested in pursuing a career in it.

My main question is the quality of life substantially different from litigation and what is the day to day like? Are you mostly advising clients on regulatory hurdles? What kind of deadlines are associated with the work? The limited people I've talked to make it seem significantly more stress free than litigation because no trial and hard filing deadlines and less stressful than corporate because of no fire drills.

The practice also seems to be a lot less leveraged than other groups. The associate to partner ratio at my firm is 1:1 while in litigation it's more like 3:1. How will this affect my practice and will it be easier to stick around longer in big law because of it?

Thanks in advance for any insight.

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