Random question about revenue

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Random question about revenue

Postby Anonymous User » Thu Oct 18, 2018 12:55 pm

Considering relocating back home to Nashville (somewhat in the hopes that it’ll move to the cravath scale in a few years). I was recently looking at Bass and saw that it isn’t an amlaw 200 firm. I also saw that it has like 230 attorneys. That means that 230 attorneys don’t generate over $95M. That means that the firm has an average revenue per attorney of around $400k.

There have been people saying Nashville increased salaries again. Does anyone know what the mid level salary is now? Seems like a firm with an RPL of 400k can’t really be paying its midlevels that well.


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Re: Random question about revenue

Postby PotatoSalad » Thu Oct 18, 2018 5:19 pm

I don't think there's an obligation for firms to report to the american lawyer?

I'm having a hard time finding a non-paywalled report, but in 2014 Choate Hall wasn't on the list. Choate is a firm that should make the list with revenues >$200MM.

I wouldn't read too-too much into Amlaw inclusion or not. There are plenty of reasons a firm wouldn't want financials out there to be compared to others. Some do it for the recognition, but I can certainly imagine a more boutique-like firm wanting to hold their cards close.

All that said, I think your thread topic is pretty vague if you're looking for Nashville specific information

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