What Happens When Your Reputation Is Blown/You're About to Be Fired

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What Happens When Your Reputation Is Blown/You're About to Be Fired

Postby Anonymous User » Sun Oct 14, 2018 4:51 pm

The title, basically.

Lateraled recently from a regional larger firm to another; relatively junior. Culture/work expectations at my new firm are completely different than my old firm, and I feel like I've struggled to fit in--some of which is my fault and some of which isn't. Made a couple mistakes/some friction early on, but generally do (and have generally been told that I do) a bang-up job on assignments. My hours have also declined somewhat from what they were in the first few months, though they aren't super low or anything yet, but below monthly threshold. For context, firm and group are both really busy, but group is not terribly well-managed.

Any insight is appreciated: just want to hear your/friend's experiences so I can figure out next steps or if I'm worrying too much. e.g., do people warn you beforehand, or does no one say anything and you get the talk if you're not a good fit, etc.?



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Re: What Happens When Your Reputation Is Blown/You're About to Be Fired

Postby QContinuum » Sun Oct 14, 2018 5:02 pm

Basically it depends on your hours. If your hours are on a constant decline, and you aren't able to reverse the trend despite the group being busy, you're probably being frozen out and should try to leap before you're pushed. If you manage to stabilize your hours at/above the minimum, then you'll likely be fine indefinitely regardless of whether a few partners/associates don't want to work with you.

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