Please Explain AD Payscale

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Re: Please Explain AD Payscale

Postby Anonymous User » Thu Oct 18, 2018 2:56 pm

The raises are what's on the AD-scale. So it's basically ~$6k each time you go up a grade. At least IME, each time you go up a grade, you start at the 25th percentile. So I've been bumped from 25th percentile in AD-25 to 25th percentile in AD-26 etc. I believe that when I was in one of the 2-year grades (AD-21 and AD-23) I got what you might consider a nominal raise the second year, about $1000. (The other year that I stayed in the same grade I got a bonus of about the same amount, but no raise, which was explained as a function of how much money they had for raises that year.) When I got that smaller raise, which moved me up above the 25th percentile, my next raise when I went up a grade went back to the 25th percentile, so it wasn't as large a raise as the other changes in grade.

(Hope that's at all clear, it's strangely difficult to talk about coherently.)

(Also, this is my experience and consistent with everyone I know who's talked about their pay, but in theory a super spectactular AUSA could get paid higher on the scale within the grade and a really terrible one could get paid lower. I've never seen this happen, but I don't want to claim to know how these things get handled in every office ever.)

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