Request to Transfer Office, when and how?

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Request to Transfer Office, when and how?

Postby Anonymous User » Wed Sep 19, 2018 10:08 am

I am a junior associate at a firm where I generally enjoy, I enjoy working with the people in my group and my practice, as well as everyone in the office. However, I just cannot get myself to like the actual city where the office is located in, where I have no strong tie to the city, hardly know anyone outside of work, and don’t have much of a personal life outside of work because of it. I work with partners from many different offices, including the one I am sitting at, but majority of my cases are with partners in other offices.

The firm has a satellite office in my target city that I am hoping to get transferred to. Probably about a third of my cases come from partners in this office. From a personal standpoint, I would be a lot happier in my target city, where I have friends and family, and I can settle down, buy a place, all that good stuff. From a professional standpoint, I already have existing professional network there that I can continue to develop and cultivate, and I do not see the move to be disruptive to my workload because I already work with partners there.

Although the firm has many offices, it is not a mega international firm with offices everywhere and used to people doing office transfers. My primary concern is how to approach this delicate issue, when to bring it up, who to bring it up with, and how to bring it up.

As much as I like the firm, I simply do not see myself staying in the current city and settle down here for good; whereas if I am allowed to transfer to my target city, I can see myself being with the firm for the long run.

Thanks all in advance for your advice.


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Re: Request to Transfer Office, when and how?

Postby QContinuum » Wed Sep 19, 2018 11:28 am

IMO, the fact that a third of your work comes from the satellite office makes a transfer reasonably likely to be approved. Why don't you start off by floating a trial balloon with one of the satellite office partners you're closer to? If you can get the satellite office on board, I don't see why the firm would stop you. (The firm probably wouldn't pay moving expenses, though, seeing as it'd be a voluntary transfer at your request.)

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