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Upcoming Position on Resume

Postby Anonymous User » Sun May 13, 2018 3:41 am

Hi All - I'm a 1L who'll be starting my summer internship in a couple of weeks. I'm targeting my home market which is small-mid sized think (STL, Baltimore, Cleveland). There are only 5 or so big law firms and I've been in contact with their recruiting staff who have made it clear that they won't start looking for 2L SAs until late June or early July. However, there's one firm that recently posted their 2L summer SA position on a job board and I want to apply ASAP.

What's the proper procedure for listing (or not listing) my upcoming summer internship? I've included it in my cover letter and wondering if it needs to be on my resume. I'm pretty competitive for the firm w/o the position (above median at T14 w/ prior work experience in the city related to the firm's main practice area) but this position is directly related to the type of work I'd like to do and shows my continued commitment to the geographic area. Any advice?


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Re: Upcoming Position on Resume

Postby k5220 » Mon May 14, 2018 2:15 pm

You can list the position without a description (and the dates will make it clear it hasn't started yet). If the title of the job and name of the organization/firm don't make it clear enough what you'll be doing you can also include a very very brief description to clarify (like "Will be working at an organization that does XYZ").

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