NYU Tax LLM vs. University of Houston Law Center Tax LLM.

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NYU Tax LLM vs. University of Houston Law Center Tax LLM.

Postby Anonymous User » Sat Apr 14, 2018 11:24 pm


I graduated from the UT Law. I would like to obtain a Tax LLM, and I am thinking about either the NYU Tax LLM (#1 in the US) or the UHLC Tax LLM (#18 in the US in 2014).

I live in Houston, and will be living in Houston. No plan of living in any other city. After obtaining a Tax LLM, I would like to work at Big 4 or other big accounting firms or law firms in Houston.

I know that the NYU Tax LLM is way better and more reputable Tax LLM program than the UHLC's. However, in my opinion, it will be much easier to get high grades from the UHLC Tax LLM than the NYU Tax LLM. Obviously, at NYU Tax LLM, I will be competing against smarter and hard working students than UHLC's. I am concerned of the possibility that I will be graduating bottom of the class at the NYU Tax LLM, which will be really bad outcome.

So, since I would like to work in Houston, and believe that it will be easier to get higher grades from the UHLC Tax LLM than from the NYU Tax LLM, should I attend the UHLC over the NYU?

Thank you!

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