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Pollard LLC

Postby 1styearlateral » Wed Jan 10, 2018 1:54 am

Has anyone worked for this idiot? Saw this cringey post on LinkedIn (of all places):

I walk by the security desk and said hi to "Jen", the security guard. I get on the elevator. Lawyer who I know from the building also gets on the elevator. He asks, "Who is Jen?". I say "You know Jen. The security guard." Guy says, "Oh, her. Nice lady. She always says hi to me. I didn't know her name. How long has she been here?" 3 YEARS. I explain that this is a person you see EVERY SINGLE DAY for 3 YEARS who says hi to you EVERY SINGLE DAY and is polite to you EVERY SINGLE DAY. So as a matter of common courtesy you should know her name. Guy says it's not a big deal. I get SLIGHTLY pissed and explain no, it is a big deal. It's a matter of basic human decency. Guy laughs and says she's just the security guard. I get MORE pissed, say that's disgusting, you're not better than anybody just because you're a lawyer. Guy tells me it's disgusting that I'd speak to him that way. I proceed to go all in on the guy, drop a couple F-bombs and tell him to go back to the junior associate desk he sits at in his boss's office.

I judge people by how they treat others who are less fortunate, less privileged, and less powerful than them. You can always tell a scumbag: He's got friends in high places but ask the janitor or the security guard and they'll tell you he's trash.

All anecdotes welcome. Critiques on the above cringe also welcome (I give it a 2/10 for poor effort at advertising).

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