From BigLaw to Non-Legal Position

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From BigLaw to Non-Legal Position

Postby Anonymous User » Sat Dec 23, 2017 12:49 pm

Currently in my 2nd year at a "regional" BigLaw firm in a secondary/tertiary market in what I would consider a niche transactional practice. Recently, through some connections, an opportunity fell in my lap to explore the possibility of moving into a corporate non-legal role in the cybersecurity department at a F500 company. I don't have any background in this area: I would likely be trained for the position on the job. The new position would be in a city near my family, as opposed to my current position, which is far away. I'm told the pay would likely be in the six figure range, but it would still be a pay cut from my current position, even after adjusting for cost of living.

Prior to receiving this opportunity, I've been looking to lateral closer to my family and into a broader practice area, as I currently feel pigeonholed. I'm not married to the idea of practicing law for the rest of my life, but my understanding is that a non-legal position like this would essentially cut the cord for me with respect to BigLaw. So I want to be careful that I'm not just taking the first out from BigLaw if it doesn't make much sense in the long term.

Has anyone on here made a move like this? Looking for any anecdata or similar stories/things I should consider before making this kind of jump.

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