Will I get fired after failing the bar?

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Will I get fired after failing the bar?

Postby Anonymous User » Sun Nov 19, 2017 2:00 pm

Long story short: I failed the CA bar and my firm does not have sufficient work to keep me busy. My employment contract doesn't specifically mention anything about bar results.

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: Will I get fired after failing the bar?

Postby 2014 » Sun Nov 19, 2017 2:43 pm

If it's a big firm you usually get a second shot at it in February, the work loaf thing is probably more cyclical than you. If mid or small firm it's firm dependent and no one here is going to know.


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Re: Will I get fired after failing the bar?

Postby ur_hero » Mon Nov 20, 2017 2:12 pm

I was at a big firm, got a second chance and passed the next one. Wasn't too busy leading up to the results, or until a little while after I retook it in Feb.

That being said, it was already understood that I would not be fired for failing the first time (as is the case at most big firms).

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Re: Will I get fired after failing the bar?

Postby Rowinguy2009 » Mon Nov 20, 2017 3:04 pm

It seems that the majority of places will not fire you for failing once, but there are some exceptions, probably the most notable of which being positions that explicitly require you to be in court a lot. I know its scary and it sucks, but your best course of action is to just talk to the people at your firm.


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Re: Will I get fired after failing the bar?

Postby byrdscales » Mon Nov 20, 2017 4:19 pm

Read through your employee handbook. My firm has a section that specifically addresses this - one failure is ok, two and you're out.

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