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Re: Lost

Postby Anonymous User » Tue Nov 21, 2017 3:24 pm

Damage Over Time wrote:
Anonymous User wrote:No need to delve into OP's psyche, etc. This right here is the issue. I work at a V50 and have done OCI for the firm a few times. We have a hard 3.0 GPA floor. I've interviewed many candidates who were good interviewers, personable, etc. but their resume was immediately put into the "Reject" pile because their GPA was sub-3.0. We have no wiggle room on that.

Out of curiosity, why do firms with hard GPA floors bother interviewing people who are below their GPA cutoff? If you have no wiggle room, it strikes me as a big waste of resources to interview someone that you're forced to reject no matter what. Is this in case they wow you and then reapply after improving their GPA?

Quoted anon. At the school I went to and interview at, a portion of our interview schedule is based on a "lottery" - we do not have a chance to pre-screen those candidates. So sometimes via the lottery we get students with sub-3.0s who, I guess, thought they could wow us enough to overcome their GPA (I believe the school's OCS has a published list of firm median GPAs, so students should know that they are below the median but I guess they don't necessarily know about firms' floors).

I'm also including students that we interview in the hospitality suite. We usually do give a small number of callbacks via the hospitality suite, but not to candidates with sub-3.0 GPAs.

Damage Over Time

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Re: Lost

Postby Damage Over Time » Tue Nov 21, 2017 3:26 pm

That's helpful. Thanks for the insight.

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