2L Summer Jobs – Reneging?

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2L Summer Jobs – Reneging?

Postby dicedpineapples » Thu Oct 05, 2017 12:52 pm

I am a 2L at a T2 NYC law school. Ideally, I want to do public defense work after graduation. A few weeks ago, I was offered a paid summer position with the Southern Poverty Law Center in their legal department which works on criminal justice reform litigation and related areas. I accepted the offer.

Shortly after, I received interviews through applications that were still in limbo with two established and well-respected NYC-area public defense offices and was offered a summer position at both.

Now, I am in the predicament of deciding whether to honor my word and maintain my professional reputation, or re-nege on the SPLC gig in order to work during the summer with a public defender's office in the city in which I would ultimately like to practice.

Any thoughts? Would one job or the other make a big difference in my chances of getting NYC PD upon graduation?

(P.S. I am already participating in my school's criminal defense clinic, so I have some PD experience on my resume already).


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Re: 2L Summer Jobs – Reneging?

Postby ur_hero » Thu Oct 05, 2017 1:10 pm

doesn't sound like either will really make a difference career-wise, but, take the other offer if you think you really want it. Conceivably, if you truly know you want to work at that exact place, meeting people sooner rather than later and impressing them (or getting them to like you) over the summer may give you a leg ahead.

If you are going to though, renege immediately so they can smoothly replace you - be apologetic and give a brief obligatory "i think this will be a better fit for my future career interest, in my best interest, etc. etc."

no reason for regrets. it likely won't hurt you in the future.

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