Allen and Overy hiring process questions

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Allen and Overy hiring process questions

Postby Diamond78 » Thu Sep 07, 2017 12:56 pm

Hey guys! So a couple of months ago , (May) to be exact, I received a call from a recruiter for a typist/legal assistant job position at Allen and overy. I didn't apply for it. I just registered my resume on the recruitment company's website. I'm not a law graduate or anything like that. I got an interview with them which consisted of a 2 hour test and a 15 minute interview, then a week later got my second interview and then in another week I got a call from the recruiter telling me that I was chosen for for the final interview and that there were no other candidates in the running but myself.

So last interview was on June 6th and all I got was updates from the recruiter telling me that its summer time and law firms are very busy and such and can't find the right time for a final interview with a partner. I had a scheduled final interview but it got changed. The waiting is killing me. I've never worked at a law firm before and have no idea how they operate and its been 3 months now since my last interview but I keep following up and my recruiter is always updating me.

Is that normal at law firms? To not be able to get a hold of a partner for a final interview? Anxiety and frustration has gotten to me. Also, what's their background check procedure? On my second interview, the man who interviewed me asked me whom he can talk to to ask about me so I told him that I can give him some names but instead he asked me to write my full name on a piece of paper. What does that mean? Do large firms use a background check company or do the checking themselves? Do they do that before or after the final interview? Is there an application form to fill? Since the second interview was 3 months ago with plenty of time to do so do you think they've already checked up on me and such? If anyone has been through the hiring process at Allen and overy then please enlighten me. Thank you in advance!

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