Lit Offers: Latham (San Diego) v. Kirkland (Houston) v. Gibson (Dallas)

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With a focus on litigation, which offer would you choose?

a) Latham (San Diego - Del Mar)
b) Kirkland (Houston)
c) Gibson (Dallas)
Total votes: 7

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Lit Offers: Latham (San Diego) v. Kirkland (Houston) v. Gibson (Dallas)

Postby Anonymous User » Sat Aug 26, 2017 3:11 pm

I'm sure I want to do litigation generally (no specialization in particular sticks out) and love Texas and San Diego for the more chill lifestyle the firms have compared to where I am now in LA. I want to be in the best firm (read: prestigious) for litigation.

Any major differences I should consider among the below 3 offers, culturally or otherwise (substantive work/partnership/exit options/reputation, etc), or does it come down to who I want to work with and where I want to work?

a) Latham (San Diego) -- SD is heavily IP/tech/bio/environmental lit-focused; office is in Del Mar, aka super chill/corporate office park-type surroundings with about 80 people split between lit/transactional.
b) Kirkland (Houston) -- Smallest and newest lit group of the three: 3 partners and 8 associates out of 100-person office started in 2014.
c) Gibson (Dallas) -- 50-person lit group in 70-person office that opened in 1984. Dallas seems nicer than Houston.

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