Offer Conditioned on Background Check

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Offer Conditioned on Background Check

Postby Anonymous User » Wed Aug 16, 2017 12:04 am

First, I know the search bar exists, and I have certainly used it, but I'm hoping for some clarity perhaps more specific to my situation. I'm lucky in that I finished top 10% at CCN and have a few offers in hand. Only one of those offers disclosed in its "terms of offer" that the offer is conditioned upon subsequent completion of a background check, reference check, etc.

Nearly 7 years ago, I was incredibly stupid and made a few bad decisions. I ended up with (1) a felony charge, which was then reduced to a misdemeanor, and finally reduced to an infraction (a fine) - court records show that it was officially "dismissed" as a charge, and (2) a misdemeanor charge, which was later dismissed upon completion of a 4-hour diversion course. Nothing whatsoever has happened in the ensuing 7 years, and I fully disclosed all of this in my LS application. I've also had specific conversations with school admin about this w/r/t bar admissions and have been told it should not be an issue.

So my question now is, do I disclose this at the outset, between offer and acceptance? That one firm alone was explicit about the offer being contingent upon a background check, but that leads me to believe others are as well.

Do I need to disclose this to other firms, even if they don't mention the background check in their offer letter? My nightmare scenario is that I don't disclose that, and later on as an SA, they find this info out with a not-previously-mentioned background check. I don't want to surprise anyone with the skeletons in the closet.

Perhaps I'm overthinking this, considering both charges are listed in the records as dismissed, but it's still "on the record" and looks scary to me to see the word "felony" on my background check, no matter the ultimate outcome.

My mental sanity would appreciate any advice.


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Re: Offer Conditioned on Background Check

Postby favabeansoup » Wed Aug 16, 2017 12:11 am

I mean there are an embarrassingly large number of SAs with DUIs on their records that get through just fine.

I guess it depends on the specific acts in question. Obviously this is personal and not sure how willing you are to discuss.


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Re: Offer Conditioned on Background Check

Postby Lxw » Wed Aug 16, 2017 1:25 am

Luckily(or maybe unluckily) for you, a lot of background checks don't look beyond the last seven years. If I were you, I'd probably tell them outright, though. If they were going to rescind because of it, you're no worse off, so it's probably better to get out in front of it so they aren't surprised.

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Re: Offer Conditioned on Background Check

Postby rpupkin » Wed Aug 16, 2017 3:25 am

Anonymous User wrote: Only one of those offers disclosed in its "terms of offer" that the offer is conditioned upon subsequent completion of a background check, reference check, etc.

Law firms--like most professional employers--routinely perform background checks on new hires. Any big law firm that makes you an offer will do a background check before you start working there. All offers are essentially conditioned on background checks.

Your criminal background probably won't be a problem, though it depends somewhat on what your "bad decisions" actually were. It's not so much about "felony" versus 'misdemeanor"; it's more about the type of crime you committed. For example, misdemeanor embezzlement would likely be a bigger problem than felony drug possession.

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Re: Offer Conditioned on Background Check

Postby Pokemon » Wed Aug 16, 2017 10:11 am

I lean strongly towards not disclosing unless asked.

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