Applying to Other Firms After Accepting Offer

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Applying to Other Firms After Accepting Offer

Postby Anonymous User » Tue Jun 13, 2017 3:42 pm

Currently clerking, did SA & received offer @ biglaw. Now I'm thinking about applying to other firms in the same market. (think I can get a better firm after DC-->COA clerkships).

Am I allowed to apply to other firms even after I've accepted the offer? Is it super frowned upon? Should I alert the firm I have an offer at that I'm applying? The biglaw firm I SA'd at will obvs be on my resume, what if the new firms I'm applying to contact them? Thx:)


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Re: Applying to Other Firms After Accepting Offer

Postby LurkerTurnedMember » Tue Jun 13, 2017 3:53 pm

Did you accept their offer already? If you did and they paid your bar expenses, there's likely a clause that says you gotta pay that money back if you don't come back to them, so moving somewhere else might cost you some $$.

Apart from the money, whether you accepted the offer or not, my understanding is that nothing is really enforceable. They can fire you at will and you can leave at will. So technically you can look for other firms without informing them or worrying about them finding out, although it might seem jerkish if you already accepted their offer and they get a call from another firm to talk about your application. I don't think anything would happen but it would be awkward if you didn't land anything else and you went to the firm with them knowing you're there cause you struck out.

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