Pre-OCI recruitment cover letter question.

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Pre-OCI recruitment cover letter question.

Postby Anonymous User » Mon Jun 12, 2017 4:29 pm

At a T13, just under median, targeting a niche area of law with a decent amount of experience on my resume that lends to that area and a compelling story towards it. Also a 1L SA at a large firm that is known for it but unfortunately isn't in the geographic region I am trying to get to.

So I'm mass mailing like a mad man because a lot of the firms I'm looking at aren't coming to OCI and I'm also trying to switch out of my home market for family.

On to my stupid question. Because pre-cruitment is earlier and earlier. How do I explain myself in my cover letter? I'm assuming it's...

Dear so and so

I am a rising-second year at law school and am applying for a summer associate position for summer 2018?

Then explain why I'm trying to switch markets.

Yeah? No? Help.

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Re: Pre-OCI recruitment cover letter question.

Postby BottomOfTotem » Mon Jun 12, 2017 10:41 pm

Hey, rising 2L here, so take this with a huge grain of salt.

I have heard two things that may be helpful to you, pertaining to your situation. First, try to switch up the "I am a rising 2L @ so and so". People may laugh that off on this site, but numerous employers I've spoken to have repeated that they get TONS of letters beginning like that. They are looking for something to catch their eye. Of course, you may have just written that to start a post, but in the case you had read on the numerous law school websites offering sample CLs that that is a good way to start, that is my advice. Second, take your time and really cater your emails to the firm. These firms are at OCIs for a reason -- those are the schools they think they will get the best associates for them. You need to show them, by exemplifying that you are a cut above the rest, that you are the associate they want. For example, go beyond what is written on their website. Find a case they won, research their briefs, and incorporate that into your letter in a semi casual, yet respectful, manner.

I hope that helps -- just relaying advice I've gotten from others who have been successful.

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