Plagerizing internal research memo during SA?

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Re: Plagerizing internal research memo during SA?

Postby Night_L » Sat Jun 10, 2017 10:55 am

DCfilterDC wrote:What about cases? Not someone's already secondary work, but supervisor says, "we might want to object to this getting in, give me a survey of where the lines are here." How particular are you with re-phrasing the case language/summarizing, instead of just mostly copying and pasting fact-specific findings?

It sounds like that last part but the fact is that they actually want more. They don't just want a list or summary of relevant cases, they want a blurb of how each case or set of cases affects your case. Always go above what is asked, but no so much that you spend way more time than necessary. Yeah I realize this is maddeningly vague but that's the deal, unfortunately.

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Monochromatic Oeuvre

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Re: Plagerizing internal research memo during SA?

Postby Monochromatic Oeuvre » Sat Jun 10, 2017 11:36 am

Night_L wrote:
Monochromatic Oeuvre wrote:It takes a particular kind of stupid to bypass the ethical and really easy choice in order do the thing that's not only completely out of bounds but also would take you ten times longer.

It takes a particular kind of raging asshole to fail to see that a student can struggle to navigate difference between school work and firm work in her first weeks at the job. But I bet you knew everything from day 1.

See, the reason OP's thought was stupid on multiple levels is that this *isn't* a "difference between school work and firm work." Passing off someone else's work as your own is a no-go in everything you might do since...I don't know, maybe 10? So yeah, this is something I would expect someone anyone, much less a purportedly smart person I hired for $180k, to know on Day 1, or maybe 15 years earlier.

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