Law Firm Background Check - Employment History

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Law Firm Background Check - Employment History

Postby Anonymous User » Fri Mar 10, 2017 1:37 pm

2L here, will be summering at a V5.

The firm I'll be working at hired a company that does background reports to investigate our employment history (among other things), and I know that they have been contacting all my past employers to confirm my position/title & exact start/end dates. I've encountered two issues:

1. This year, I started RAing again for a professor that I worked with over the past summer. However, I failed to update my resume to reflect this. This might be a minor issue, but it might result in a report showing that I left out employment information.

2. I did some part-time translation work as an independent contractor for a company a few years during UG (in a foreign country), and on my resume, I simply listed the company and my role as a "translator". Basically, a company manager would send me me stuff to work on and pay me on a project-to-project basis. They probably don't have any employment record of me or perhaps even any payroll record. I'm pretty certain that they would deny my existence if the background report company contacts them. This is the more major issue.

Would these issues affect my law firm offer in any way? I've gone through past TLS discussion topics, but I haven't found anything quite on point. I'd really appreciate any advice/suggestions!


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Re: Law Firm Background Check - Employment History

Postby albanach » Fri Mar 10, 2017 2:55 pm

I'd be surprised if either was an issue for employment. Plenty of folk will have worked for firms that have gone under or changes ownership and where there's no longer any record.

That foreign company could be an issue with the bar though. I had one foreign employer whom I had to track down and convince to send a reply saying they don't know me (from employment over two decades ago - I'm a non-trad). When you submit your C&F you might want to call that company's HR dept and let them know an inquiry will be coming their way and that if they no longer have records reporting that rather than ignoring the email would be helpful.

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Re: Law Firm Background Check - Employment History

Postby Anonymous User » Fri Mar 10, 2017 11:23 pm

Thanks for the reassurance/advice!! I'm thinking that I should just leave it off my resume in the future.

Also, will I have to disclose all past employment records (even if part-time) for the bar?

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