How to Network from Out of Town

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Mr. October

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How to Network from Out of Town

Postby Mr. October » Fri Mar 10, 2017 1:00 pm

This Summer I got a great position (AG in a small state. It's not a firm job, but it's great experience), but it isn't where I want to practice long-term. I'm hearing about how important networking is. Is there anything I should be trying to do before I skip town for the Summer in terms of networking? I'm doing the normal stuff, i.e. going to networking events and following up.

How should I go about trying to develop connections in other cities? E.g. if I'm going to be in Birmingham but want to do litigation, preferably in NYC, D.C. or Chicago, should I just depend on OCI?

Basically I'm a noob at networking and appreciate advice. Thanks!

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Re: How to Network from Out of Town

Postby Anonymous User » Fri Mar 10, 2017 1:18 pm

Anon because what I post might out me.

I think it's usually a bad idea to take a 1l summer gig in a market that you don't want to work in if possible. Idk if you had any offers in the target market, but if you did, you should have taken it.

The reason being in at least ny and DC last summer there were summer associate offers going out in June. I got my big law gig lined up in the first week in July. If I hadn't been in the maktket networking starting day 1- I would have likely struck out. Oci is now not the only time firms are recruiting. Now, offers at least in ny and DC were going out in June (less so in ny last year, definitely more so in DC). One of my coworkers had 6 offers by July 7th.

The upshot is for 1ls now, if possible, you should always choose the target market over a non target market (unless of course the latter is paying you and the former isn't).

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