1L Summer options

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1L Summer options

Postby Anonymous User » Fri Mar 10, 2017 1:28 am

Just wanted some feedback on two options I have. I know that it doesn't matter at all in the grand scheme of things, but just to see what people think in relation to my goals..

Ultimate goal is to work Labor & Employment BigLaw (NY/DC location prefs) as a 2L, then clerk. Attending a t14 (T13?) school with grades that make it quite attainable to get into one of the big l&e firms. I have established ties to NY.

Option 1: In-House Counsel @ Union (paid). Located in DC.
Legal team also deals with ADA/FLSA/Title VII stuff for the union employees (not its constituent members) in addition to the labor law aspect of things. Problem is could raise direct ideological conflicts with BigLaw firms who represent management, but not necessarily. Also, if I do end up in a BigLaw firm, I can almost certainly guarantee that this bridge will be burned post-summer.

Option 2: DOJ Civil Rights Division (unpaid). Located in DC.
Mainly doing disability work in the employment division (so ADA). Unpaid is less ideal, but I could get a stipend through my school. Obviously somewhat more prestigious, but that doesn't really mean anything at this point. Really like the team based on who I spoke to, and it sounded like everything was very structured. Drawback is obviously with the Trump administration, there's a lot of uncertainty with the CRD, so not really sure what kind of work there will be (if there will be a lot, etc.) by the summer.

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