Class of 2016: 3 months in; how goes it?

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Re: Class of 2016: 3 months in; how goes it?

Postby TLSModBot » Fri Dec 23, 2016 12:21 pm

BigZuck wrote:
Capitol_Idea wrote:DC Biglaw

I am loving my job thus far. The people are just amazing and I've found a couple partners that I seem to click with and who don't hate my work product, plus a number of mid-levels who have been great at mentoring both in specific task skills and general adjusting to the firm. The work I've done has been a mix of tedious/boring and incredibly interesting, and I think I'm finding a practice area niche that gives me more stuff I find interesting than I find tedious. I did have one project that has come up with work literally only on weekends, nights, and holidays, but it's been the exception and not the rule thus far.

Hours are gonna get rough starting right away in January but hey, Biglaw gonna Biglaw. If I didn't have really kind and nurturing people or if the work was incredibly boring/obtuse I think I would hate this life and understand why some people do.

I feel largely samesies but it's probably just because we're stubs.

We'll both look back on this post in a year and a half and have a good laugh at how dumb/wrong it is and how dumb/wrong we are/were.

Eta: Actually "love" is way too strong of a word, I'm officially already calling BS on that. I'll mostly sign off on the rest however.

I was thinking this as I typed it so fair

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Re: Class of 2016: 3 months in; how goes it?

Postby Eldon Tyrell » Fri Dec 23, 2016 12:37 pm

Not as excited about the substance, but I'm gonna try some different things after the new year. Im realizing that the trade off of your time and stress is very much worth the opportunities, though - so long as you can hack it for a little while.

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