What is happening?

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What is happening?

Postby Anonymous User » Fri Sep 02, 2016 2:13 am

KJ-D here just turned 22 last month. At a mid T1. Waiting on OCI results....

Heard from others that I must know what corporate field I'm interested in when doing screeners or callbacks. How the F' am I supposed to know all of this? I've researched a bit, but what am I suppose to tell the screeners in detail? the type of work I want to do? I thought SA's are flexible. I don't have work experience obviously besides the fact that I took your cash and put it into a register and gave you whatever my counter said to give you back. This was during undergrad.

I am interested in a array of corporate expertise like contracts, real estate, corporate transactional work, drafting, financing, business counseling, strategizing, reviewing, drafting memos, corporate litigation. I don't know much about this type of work but am damn sure I would like to do this based off my experience in law school. Is this good enough to land a SA position? What else should I tell screeners, should I go more in detail or what? I want to stay broad in corporate but don't know much. Is it necessary to know specifically every detail in what I will be doing with the firm or know about the fields in particular? Can I just name these expertise?


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Re: What is happening?

Postby smile0751 » Fri Sep 02, 2016 8:57 am

I also just finished interviews in which I said I was interested in Corporate, and I think you are over thinking this. In my experience they want to know 1) Why Corporate, 2) Maybe an industry you're most interested in, and 3) maybe the top one to two areas of corporate your most interested in. So an answer would look like, "I'm really interested in Corporate work because I like the idea of helping firms solve problems before they reach litigation. I'm excited to work on projects for healthcare clients, because I am a public policy major undergrad and did a report on Obamacare and find it fascinating." OR "I'm interested in anti-trust, because as an economics major I'm very interested in reviewing how a possible merger or product offering is going to effect the market and helping structure the deal to avoid possible issues."

I mean, it really doesnt have to be complex. Just make an argument. The above arent even necessarily good arguments and are pretty simplistic, but they'll satisfy the question with the interviewer.

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