Stay Regional for the Summer or Move on to Big City

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Stay Regional for the Summer or Move on to Big City

Postby Anonymous User » Fri Aug 19, 2016 12:47 pm

Here's the conundrum:

I am a 2L, top 25%, at a T60 school currently applying for 2L summer internships.

After applying to local firms, my spouse gets a job in a different state in a Major Midwestern city with a good sized legal market. I will finish school in our current state, but will move after graduation to the new city.

I am currently interviewing for strong well-known regional firms who have 6 week programs, and they are going well. I will know in the next few weeks whether or not I got the internships.

I feel I have missed my opportunity to apply to firms in the new city, plus I don't have OCI contacts in the new city. So firms are basically out for the new city. I could apply, and would be cool with, public interest work in the new city.

My number one goal is to whatever I can to ensure my chances of being employed in the new city after graduation.

My question is, if I get any offers from the regional firms, should I accept?

If I accept, I am missing out on a full summer of employment in the new city, but maybe I could swing a 6 week gig in the new city to try and make up for that? Another thing I am worried about is, if I accepted the regional offers, and then declined permanent employment because my spouse had already moved to new city, will I run a big risk of ruining my chances for a good recommendation from the regional firm?

If I don't accept, I miss out on the chance to intern at some really great firms, and could run the risk of not getting an internship at all in the new city, as I would have to decline my regional offers before I had anything in the new city.

SO... do I stay on tract with the regional firms, and hope for a 6 week thing in the new city, or should I drop all the regional stuff now and paper bomb the new city with my app?


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Re: Stay Regional for the Summer or Move on to Big City

Postby Mullens » Fri Aug 19, 2016 1:09 pm

You should massmail all the firms in the new city asap. Today. You haven't missed anything.

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Re: Stay Regional for the Summer or Move on to Big City

Postby landshoes » Fri Aug 19, 2016 1:11 pm

Paper bomb everyone in both cities.

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