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Postby goodman1 » Mon Jul 04, 2016 10:13 pm


New here. Currently undergoing the transfer process from an RNP TTT/TTTT school to one that is 40-50 (ALL US News Rankings). Was top 15% at TTT/TTTT.

If I apply to the new school's OCI how will I fare in? Or what will employers base their decisions on? Specifically, what will I put on my resume for the employers? That I was top 15% at my TTTT/TTT? How do I put this on my resume? I plan on asking the new school's career dept. more on this but from what I've heard, you put new school and old school... or something along the lines. I have read some of the forums here, and from what I have heard, transfers usually do well at new school's OCI.

Also, any advice for OCI would be appreciated. I know I bid, but what are slots and what should my strategy be? I plan on taking this week off to learn as much as I can about OCI. :) :D


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Postby registering » Tue Jul 05, 2016 8:04 am

It's hard to know without knowing your goals. Most of this forum, for better or worse, is geared towards biglaw. Unfortunately, for lower T1 schools, they tend to want native top 10-15% for biglaw, so it will be tough at OCI for that line of work.

Definitely consult OCS to figure out what kind of format they want. Some schools are fairly particular about segregating their transfers whereas others are comparatively agnostic. You don't want to piss off the school if you don't do the right format, and OCS in general can offer you advice and counseling on the job hunt (since it's their job and all).

Slots are the number of openings for interviews, usually referring to screening interviews. For schools with a lottery system, the screening interviews are bid on by students who comprise a bid list. Depending on how they rank firms in their list, they will get a number of screening interviews. For schools that have entirely preselect OCI, this is less important, as the firm's will simply look at your resume and decide whether to interview you rather than vice versa.

Most non-T20s tend to have preselect OCI, so you might not have much say in terms of strategy. General rule of thumb for transfers is usually to assume you're above median and at/right below top third at your new school. From GPA cutoffs that OCS might have, you'll want to construct a bid list from there, if the school limits your bids in any way.

Otherwise, you'll want to mass mail right now. Trying to play off any connections you might have to current practicing attorneys at firms/gov offices you might want to work for is how a lot of people wind up getting jobs, whether that be law school alumni, undergraduate alumni, high school alumni, geographic origin, family/friend ties, fraternities/professional societies, this is when you grow some thick skin and just ask people to coffee and other things, on top of spamming your resume/cover letter everywhere. 99% of MM might go into the trash, but you only need one to work.

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