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Trust Officer jobs

Postby diowad » Thu Jun 25, 2015 11:46 am

Posted this in the mega thread, but thought I'd see what kind of response it would get on its own.

Anyone know anything or anyone who got a JD and then became a Trust Officer with a Bank? Currently studying for the July Bar. My law school credentials aren't landing me any biglaw jobs anytime soon, nor do I really care. Money isn't a huge deal to me. The dollar goes a lot further out here in the Midwest than it does on the coasts and my fiancé makes a good living. Never really found an area in law school that I absolutely loved, but enjoyed estates classes and some basic estate planning in Clinic.

So anyway, I put in an app for an entry-level trust officer job at a bank and recently received an interview. Still don't think I'll get it because I don't have quite enough experience, but if I get offered I need to be ready. The internal dilemma I face is I'll effectively be turning my back on private practice (and maybe someday, a lot of money, who knows) in exchange for more stability, regular hours, an area I know I'm at least interested in, but obviously a lower salary until several years down the road where I could advance within the bank itself. I have my name in at a few law firms but none have given me any indication of a sure job after the Bar.

So just looking for any general info about working in a Bank's trust department or anything like that. Thanks.

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