Navigating the "Free Market" assignment system in a really big practice group

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Navigating the "Free Market" assignment system in a really big practice group

Postby Anonymous User » Thu Jun 18, 2015 6:40 pm

I am currently a first year associate in a general litigation practice group. Within this group, there are sub-groups and sub-groups to those sub-groups. My firm functions on a "free market" system and I have been having a lot of trouble getting work from my practice group. The bulk of my work comes from appellate, construction, corporate, and intellectual property, but it is literally like pulling teeth to get assignments from my group. I believe there is work and I have spoken to my group leader and mentor about whether there is a problem with me or my work product. Both have said no. I know this is really silly, but has anyone been in this situation before? So far, I'm about 40 hours behind our really goal because of the slowest February probably known to mankind. With the fiscal year ending in October, I'd like to stop this before it gets any worse. I did not summer at this firm, so I don't have the relationships with other attorneys that some of my class has and I'm not sure how to develop those. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I like litigation, but I'm about ready to jump to any of the other practice groups I work for just to be in a situation where I can learn from more senior attorneys and have a steadier stream of work.

Also, I realize that I am being a typical whiney K-JD millennial, but I'd like to fix it. Obviously, I haven't talked to anyone from my firm about my specific feelings on this and I realize this is a "nice problem" to have, but it is starting to make me a little nuts and I'm growing to despise this job.

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