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Mass mailing questions/concerns/advice

Postby Anonymous User » Wed Jun 17, 2015 2:07 pm

I have a few questions I was hoping some people could shed some light on for me. Real quick background, I am transferring into lower T14 from a T4, and have a 3.75 from my transfer school. So I spoke with my career counselor about a strategy for OCI and during our conversation he urged me not to mass mail firms that would be there or firms that would not be there. Everything I have read on here says exactly the opposite. Is there some sorta stigma attached to those who mass mail, like annoying firms or something? I certainly don't see it as annoying but rather being proactive, but does anyone have an idea why he may have told me not to mass mail?

Second quick question, timing. I was planning to get a starter list of 50 or so firms and starting to mail out this week via email, cover letter in body w/ resume and transcript attached. Am I too early, on time?

I had some other questions but can't remember them right now so I guess they weren't all that important. Any opinions/advice is greatly appreciated, gracias.


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Re: Mass mailing questions/concerns/advice

Postby michael2015 » Wed Jun 17, 2015 2:15 pm

1. Don't mass mail firms that are coming to your OCI (unless...)

2. Once you do not secure an interview with a firm you wanted at your OCI, send them message and see if they can slot you in during OCI (most will make an attempt if you're someone they want just got screwed out of lottery system).

3. If a firm is not coming to OCI, then you should feel free to mass mail them and ignore your CSO

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