At biglaw now; want to be a prosecutor - how do I get there?

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Re: At biglaw now; want to be a prosecutor - how do I get there?

Postby los blancos » Wed Jun 17, 2015 7:33 pm

XxSpyKEx wrote:This is actually probably more true in the smaller districts than it is in places like the Manhattan DA's office. Offices like the Manhattan DA's office get some extremely high quality applicants, so imagine most of the people who they hire are capable of writing well (despite the fact that they probably don't regularly do much in writing). The odd thing is that it sounds like the smaller district USAOs are more willing/interested in hiring former ADAs than the larger districts, which doesn't make a lot of sense either.

I wasn't talking so much about capability as I was about experience - you could be an A3 clerk for a great judge and produce some beautiful opinions but if you then go to a DA's office for 5 years there's a decent chance that at that point your writing ability isn't what it used to be just because ADAs don't do much of it, and when they do it's usually in the form of an ultra simple 3 page "brief" because LJL at [elected, sometimes incompetent, sometimes don't give a shit to begin with] state court judges seriously reading anything.

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