Garbage GPA at T14: bail on OCI?

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Anonymous User
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Re: Garbage GPA at T14: bail on OCI?

Postby Anonymous User » Thu Jun 02, 2016 1:05 pm

Anonymous User wrote:
rpupkin wrote:
Anonymous User wrote:Good looking brodaddy here. Below median at T25. Also on a full boat. Secured an NLJ250 gig while law review kids got jackshit. Law school grades do not matter.

That's some tight logic.

PPreciate that. Real talk though, grades do not mean that much. A nice suit can make a B look like a B+. Nice shoes can make a B+ and A-. Also, try to humblebrag about your hot girlfriend if you can in interviews. Old fat law partners love that. Dead serious.

I honestly think there is a lot more truth to the statement about a hot girlfriend than people are willing to give credit for. If you can tactfully bring up the girlfriend/wife and the conversation goes that way... you'd be surprised the doors it opens up. Anon above is correct.


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Re: Garbage GPA at T14: bail on OCI?

Postby HonestAdvice » Thu Jun 02, 2016 2:36 pm

A 3.45 GPA isn't that great, and a 3.15 isn't that bad. The process isn't really meritorious to the extent other fields are. Being good looking or having a similar upbringing to your interviewer is worth much more than .3 of a GPA. If filing complaints didn't result in the interviewee being blacklisted, the whole process would be dramatically reformed. Dress well, make yourself as attractive as possible, whiten your teeth, smile like Norman Bates, acquire an aura of upper middle class suburban douchebaggery and you'll do great.

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