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Questions about 2L summer employment

Posted: Thu Apr 30, 2015 1:01 pm
by Anonymous User
I'll be working for a regional satelite office in a flyover state for a midsize firm (around 30 attorneys in the office). They haven't been in contact with me since I signed the offer which was around 8 months ago. All they have told me so is the probable start date and the length of the program on the offer letter. Do yall think it's okay to contact them just to clarify on the details or should I just wait it out for another week or two? my start date is end of may.

Also, the firm as a whole (in 7 offices) has about 50% offer rate in the past 2 years and the office but all of their associates are former summer associates. I was told during the interview that theyre only hiring because there's a need for an associate the year after and that it is my job to lose should I get the summer position. But regardless of what they told me, seeing that 50% offer rate makes me nervous as hell. Should I go through the gruesome process of massmailing and looking for a job during the summer? My grades are right on median at a top 20 school so that 50% offer rate is probably higher than at any other firms that I apply to now. Any thoughts/recommendations?

And finally, the firm just opened up a satelite office in the city that Id love to work in. Assuming that I get the offer, at what point in my career is it okay to bring up that I want to transferring to that city?

Re: Questions about 2L summer employment

Posted: Thu Apr 30, 2015 1:36 pm
by mr.hands
Go ahead and send the firm's recruiting coordinator an email (not people at your office).

Don't even think about transferring offices yet. Lock down the offer and then wait a couple years

Apply to other firms not in the satellite office's market.

How many SAs are there in this office? If it's just you I'd feel better. If not, it's the hunger games