Second Best Market for Transactional Work?

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Re: Second Best Market for Transactional Work?

Postby Anonymous User » Thu Apr 30, 2015 1:04 pm

Bumi wrote:Are you people seriously comparing the economy of the entire state of Texas with a single city? Houston and Dallas are two completely different legal markets over two hundred miles from each other.

It makes sense to talk about Texas as one market if you go to law school in another state, but in practice, even Fort Worth and Dallas have independent identities in terms of the legal communities in each place.

I am familiar with the legal markets in Chicago and in Texas. There are many, many great things about practicing in Texas, but some of you are being ridiculous.

I was the above anon. I was just responding to an initial post about construction sites in "Chicago" that included sites in Wisconsin, Indiana, and Kentucky. The point is that there are no other surrounding cities that contribute to the Chicago legal market. In an area the same size as what this survey counted, Texas has Austin, Dallas, and Houston.

You don't sound like you know much about Texas. It would be very obvious to people from there that Dallas and Forth Worth are REALLY different. Lol at 200 miles apart, everyone in Texas will drive down and back between Houston/Dallas/Austin in the same day (and obviously Southwest flies these routes continuously). Those cities are very closely tied. SPC is a high school sports conference for the elite private schools that spans the major Texas cities and also OK and LA. Everyone knows the same people. Everyone went to UT. Everyone was in the same fraternity/sorority. They are much more closely related than Chicago and Indianapolis or whatever.

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