1st yr at media/entertainment boutique - taking Qs

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Re: 1st yr at media/entertainment boutique - taking Qs

Postby desola » Sun Mar 27, 2016 7:06 pm

1) Work: In entertainment law I know a lot of the job is "negotiating deals" for clients but I was hoping for some more detail on what this consists of--is this drafting contracts? Or more negotiating the details of a contract (i.e. pay, back-end, licensing, etc.)?

Its both of those, negotiating legal and business terms. Depending on the deal and the sophistication of the client, many of the business terms will already be hashed out. But in many cases the client looks to us to help negotiate the business terms in light of the legal issues. One thing I like about this work is that there is a lot of client contact early on. I was negotiating deals as the sole lawyer on my side as a first year.

2) Lifestyle: what are you hours like day to day? Are the lawyers at the top LA talent boutiques constantly jerked around at the behest of clients or is the predictability/lifestyle a better than biglaw/finance? I come from a finance background and what is worse than than the long hours is the unpredictability of it.

Hours are dictated by clients. Bankers work harder than lawyers, therefore biglaw lawyers have the worst hours. Once you move to a more "niche" client base, including talent, the hours get a little better. However, if client emergencies used to be a closing, now a shoot is happening on Sunday and the talent or production company hasn't signed yet.

3) Pay progression: You mentioned pay was slightly lower than market coming out of law school, how does that progress as you move up the firm?

Lock-step pay but like many firms that hire mostly laterals, pay is usually one-year behind.


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Re: 1st yr at media/entertainment boutique - taking Qs

Postby lampy » Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:27 pm

I am a 0L interning at an elite entertainment agency this summer on the music side.

I'm unsure of what I want to do in the future. I currently have two ideas: (1) completely unrelated to entertainment, but plaintiffs-side work or, (2) legal position in entertainment.

I don't know enough yet about what kinds of opportunities there are for attorneys in entertainment. Any suggestions for my time at the agency I am working at this summer? I am guessing I won't be interfacing with the legal department much. However, I am hoping to get a better feel for the industry in general. Thanks Desola!

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Re: 1st yr at media/entertainment boutique - taking Qs

Postby Anonymous User » Sat Jun 18, 2016 11:40 am

Are there distinct benefits to work on the talent versus corporate side? What are the material differences in the work, if any? Are you in the LA or NY market, and do you feel one would be larger/easier to break into than the other?

Thanks for doing this.

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