1L OCI Cancellation Question

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1L OCI Cancellation Question

Postby jierda599 » Thu Feb 12, 2015 8:04 pm

Hey everyone, 1L with a question. I recently got an offer from a prosecutor's office, and have an OCI with a Biglaw firm coming up soon- both in my target city. I'm definitely interested in criminal work (and at the very least want to keep the door open), so I'm 90% sure I'll end up taking the prosecutor offer no matter what happens with the firm. However, if criminal work isn't for me, this firm is probably the one I'd want to work for. So the question is, do I do the interview or cancel?

I figure if I interview and don't get an offer, no harm no foul- plus, I showed interest early which probably can't hurt me in the future. But if I do get an offer (which I realize is unlikely considering I'm a 1L), is refusing the firm's offer to work with the prosecutor going to hurt my future chances with the firm? And at that point, which is worse, canceling the OCI or declining the offer? At this point I really just want to keep my options open. What're everyone's thoughts?

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Re: 1L OCI Cancellation Question

Postby Avian » Thu Feb 12, 2015 11:50 pm

I would interview with the firm and then see what happens. A 1L SA could potentially set you up for a 2L SA and a job after you graduate. A 1L summer with a prosecutor's office will most likely not lead to anything except the ability to demonstrate an interest in prosecution.

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