1st Yr M&A Associate Struggling to Find Work

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1st Yr M&A Associate Struggling to Find Work

Postby MidwestBigLawl » Thu Jan 22, 2015 1:51 pm

M&A associate at a midwest office (100+ attys here/~500 firm wide). Started in the fall and the workload has been up and down. 1850 hrs/yr goal but I was below 150 last month and at about 100hrs so far this month. Is this similar to other 1st yrs at big firms? When Im busy Im busy - 7a-10p or later, but yesterday and today Im gonna have like 6 billable hours combined. Is this typical? Should I not stress about not being busy and enjoy it while I can? Go to the gym?


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Re: 1st Yr M&A Associate Struggling to Find Work

Postby desertlaw » Thu Jan 22, 2015 3:49 pm

You're okay unless all of your other peers are busy and you're the only one without work. Even then, timing could be such that you couldn't get staffed when you were busy and they were slow, and now its vice versa. Otherwise, yes, enjoy the time off, read up on the industries you do work in, go to the gym, find a hobby, etc. M&A work is cyclical for sure. If you can find company rep work (proxy, securities filings) or start-up type work in your office, those are more repeat customers that fill in the gaps between the big deals. I billed 2600 last year and have only billed about 120 in December, and January is probably going to be about the same. Go out to lunch with a mid/senior associate and they'll tell you their stories about going a few months without work.

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