1 of 2 partners at my tiny firm is a jackass, what do I do?

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Re: 1 of 2 partners at my tiny firm is a jackass, what do I do?

Postby AVBucks4239 » Thu May 28, 2015 5:19 pm

OP, did you get any offers after sending out your holiday cards?

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Re: 1 of 2 partners at my tiny firm is a jackass, what do I do?

Postby POTUSorSCOTUS » Thu May 28, 2015 5:42 pm

this thread is an allah akbar

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Re: 1 of 2 partners at my tiny firm is a jackass, what do I do?

Postby pancakes3 » Thu May 28, 2015 5:50 pm

SBL wrote:
AVBucks4239 wrote:
SBL wrote:
mephistopheles wrote:1800 hours is a cake walk, hon

you sound ill-suited for the profession in which you currently find yourself

I don't think you appreciate the gravity of the situation: She billed 1800 hours as a paralegal once. This ain't her first rodeo.

I was an SA at a mid-size firm last summer (~90 attorneys) with a girl that was a paralegal at Kirkland's DC office. She would never shut the fuck up about how busy she always was at Kirkland, how many hours she billed, how she slept there regularly, how she had to run to the courthouse, etc. Her "war stories" were fucking mind-numbing. And she had this awful sense of entitlement that, since she'd done that, certain tasks/subject areas (e.g., small real estate disputes) were beneath her (she'd always pass along assignments to me).

So, from my extremely limited anecdotal experience, BigLaw paralegals that eventually become lawyers have this goofy sense of entitlement when they become lawyers. I think it's because they took so many bullshit orders as paralegals that they must have thought, "Once I finish law school, no more of this bullshit." That's just not how it works. Sorry.

That said, I can somewhat sympathize with OP's frustration. Getting constantly distracted from doing substantive work takes its toll every once in a while. But when I get asked, "What kind of law do you practice," I usually reply, "I don't really have a practice area...I'm the junior associate, so I do all the motions, research, court appearances, and tasks that partners either don't have time to do or simply don't want to do."

But that's what I expected for at least 3-4 years. And if you expected anything differently, that's on you.

Interestingly the most terrible girl in my 1L section was a former K&E paralegal. She also looked like a scoop of melting ice cream.

Heyyyyyyy there's also an insufferable former K&E para in my section. Maybe it's just Kirkland Ellis?

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fats provolone

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Re: 1 of 2 partners at my tiny firm is a jackass, what do I do?

Postby fats provolone » Fri May 29, 2015 12:15 pm

on balance, unbalanced

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Re: 1 of 2 partners at my tiny firm is a jackass, what do I do?

Postby Anonymous User » Fri May 29, 2015 9:18 pm

OP, I work in a similar firm it's a 8 attorney 4 partner firm in a small but not tiny market.

I have one partner who does corporate transactions who when he asks for my help it's an intense short fire drill. I just do it.

I have one who won't even email he's so far behind on technology, but I gain so many easy billables doing things the "old" way. He does Estate Planning.

I have a senior associate (son of a partner-put it together) who when he gets buried hands it off to me. He does stupid low level civil suits that usually are a waste of time.

You know what tho? It's all perfectly fine put your dues in it will pay off.

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Re: 1 of 2 partners at my tiny firm is a jackass, what do I do?

Postby Lwoods » Sat May 30, 2015 9:19 am

OP -
I was at a small firm (10 attorneys, 2 partners) for my 2L SA and didn't want to work with one of the two partners for various reasons. At a small firm, your reputation is more closely tied to the specific partners, particularly if you stay on for years. It's not wrong to be concerned about the big picture, particularly since you're at a tiny firm. I looked aggressively for a better job and found one. Everything is better for me, and I'm glad I didn't settle.

That said, while I see how the partner you dislike seems annoying, I agree with the others that you're always going to find people who work on different timelines than you. Your specific complaints seem trivial. He doesn't sound abusive or unethical, just lacking time management skills. Is there any work you can pawn off to staff? He may be expecting you to do that anyway. Make sure he gets the information he requested, but let a person who doesn't bill her time worry about excel formatting.


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Re: 1 of 2 partners at my tiny firm is a jackass, what do I do?

Postby NorCalLaw » Sat May 30, 2015 9:19 pm

so ambivalent wrote:
OP, I am going to be completely honest with you, because someone has to: You're being a child about this and you need to grow the fuck up and handle your goddamn business.

Reading through your posts, the complaints I'm seeing are all trivial, penny-ante bullshit. You have to print things out for a partner because he doesn't like reading spreadsheets on a screen? Boo fucking hoo. Print that shit out and bring it to his office. Welcome to working with Boomers. It involves paper.

He's disorganized and waits until the last minute on things? Be organized for him and stay on top of his deadlines where he doesn't. That's literally what they pay you for.

They won't let you send out Christmas cards? Why in the name of ever-loving fuck do you care?

He takes long lunches? OH THE HORROR.

They're white men? Sorry, Sugartits, but that ain't changing.

The legal profession is full of insane toxic people and some of the horror stories I've read on TLS over the years are legitimately insane. Your firm doesn't even begin to compare. This is just normal adult work and you sound completely unprepared for it.

Your unpreparedness is further evidenced by your awful way of handling the situation, which is apparently to passive-aggressively say "Oh man, I guess I could try to do this project if you reeeeeeeeally need me to." Either do the fucking project or say you won't, but quit being a child about the whole thing. If you genuinely believe that you cannot work with this individual, then you need to be forthright and direct (which I think is going to be a challenge for you) and just say as much to the partner with whom you primarily work. But if you choose to do this, be fully prepared for them to fire you for it, because that's absolutely likely.

Dude, that was a super dick response. Sugar tits? Let me guess, you are a white male? It's the 21st century, stop being a chauvinist pig.
But I will address your points because I do want honest responses from people who 1) are not in a big law environment 2) do not use the word "sugartits"
1) If you read through my post you would see that I am not unprepared. I have yet to lose in court or on a motion. I had these Schedules done a month ago. I got into work at 7 am yesterday, worked on the schedules until I had to drive out to a court hearing (for my own client who loves me and offers to send us checks in addition to our retainer for work I haven't yet done btw) where I got everything my client asked for in less than an hour, drove back in and finished the fucking schedules as my boss was out to lunch. Everything was printed out and on his desk before he got back. When I left for the day I had billed almost 9 hours. So, no I am not "unprepared" or "childish." I billed 1800 a year when I worked in a major US market for big law and big bank clients before I went to law school; this ain't my first rodeo.
2) I am expected to buy into this firm and become a partner; when they fuck up for a client it's my reputation and my ass on the line. When they do shit the costs the firm money that comes out of my bonus. It's not a big law thing where I take home my 160k and peace out. When they can't use Excel and I have to bill 5 hours printing shit out that we wouldn't need to bill at all that directly eats into our fees (this project was a flat fees).
3) As for my "awful way of handling the situation" I said "let me know what you need and I will do it before Friday." He didn't respond to my email.

I really don't want people in BigLaw to give me there take on this because I specifically stayed in this market and with a firm like this to avoid BigLaw. I wanted smaller clients who are regular people, a diverse practice, and to buy into a small firm and help it grow. But I am wondering if the way they are behaving means they don't want this for me (as they promised when I joined) and/or if it's just not possible because of this one person.

The firm doesn't even sound that bad. Count your blessings.

You'll probably find that most partners are assholes, regardless of the color of their skin (which you seem to have become fixated on for some odd reason). The grass probably isn't that much greener.

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