Startup Exec Taking Questions (Former Lawyer)

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Re: Startup Exec Taking Questions (Former Lawyer)

Postby PwnLaw » Fri Dec 05, 2014 12:08 am

Anonymous User wrote:1. Thank you.

2. I saw you mentioned VR. I am hoping to do what you did with video games, with the VR community. I want to meet a bunch of people in it, learn about it, think about potential legal issues, and hopefully build up a reputation in the community. What do you think of VR and its possibilities? Do you have any recommendations for companies to research in the Bay Area on this topic? General tips for doing this, specific to VR?

3. I'm in litigation. Do you think I should leave litigation for transactional if I want to, eventually, get into a role similar to yours? Or should I just get into a company ASAP? If the former, what sort of transactional practice would be best?

VR is smaller, but a lot of companies are taking it very seriously. I think there will be an opportunity there in the next few years. I'm not as big a fan of the space, but largely because I still get motion sick when I use Occulus. Maybe the tech will solve that.

Companies? Clearly Facebook. Apple. Valve up North. Samsung. No small companies are in a position to create a platform at scale. There will be a ton of interesting companies that build on that platform, so you might want to target some of the content creators. Startups would fit that bill.

Litigation is fail for making these transitions (which is why I stopped working in lit). It's too sporadic and you need too much experience to bring in clients. It's way easier to bring in startups for their day to day contractual needs.

I think roles similar to mine become available when you have the right relationships. Switching to transactional work will increase the odds of making that happen.


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Re: Startup Exec Taking Questions (Former Lawyer)

Postby Nebby » Fri Dec 05, 2014 11:52 am

PwnLaw wrote:
fats provolone wrote:xbone or ps4?

Xbox. I don't like the PS4 controller.

This is TCR.

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