3L's/graduated who struck out at OCI- any advice?

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3L's/graduated who struck out at OCI- any advice?

Postby Anonymous User » Mon Nov 17, 2014 1:09 am

Strike-out at a T14. Stressing out.

For those who struck out, what ended up happening to you? Did you snag a biglaw offer as a 3L? What happened to your classmates who also struck out?

Any tips on the job search, especially around this time (both for finding a 2L summer job, and for preparing for 3L oci)? What kind of jobs did you try to look for?
Did you continue to mass mail firms? At what point did you stop getting responses or give up? For those you know who managed to get biglaw, how did they get it?
Literally, I have no idea what I should be doing. Obviously I'm applying to places my career services posts up but really, it seems like NOBODY has a clue what to do if you strike out (including career services).

I'm looking for advice and anecdotes. Any extra data points will be helpful for this incredibly dark and uncertain time.

FYI, I know experiences will differ based on school and grades. Perhaps prefacing your responses with grades/school range would be helpful (if you want)



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Re: 3L's/graduated who struck out at OCI- any advice?

Postby sparty99 » Mon Nov 17, 2014 1:21 am

These questions are kind of annoying. I mean, you continue applying to jobs. You go to networking events. You go to career fairs this summer. You apply to any PAYING LEGAL JOB. You apply to in-house. You apply to anything and everything. You look at mid law firms. You talk to professors.

I know several people who got jobs at 3L. They got this by clerking during the school year or a firm had an opening and they interviewed for it. This summer you apply to prosecutor jobs. Yes, you continue to mass mailing but this is mostly a waste of time (it was kind of a waste of time previously, but you never stop looking).

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