Lawyers: What's Your Typical Day?

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Re: Lawyers: What's Your Typical Day?

Postby jkpolk » Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:45 am

blueapple wrote:
jkpolk wrote:Corporate law - I roll with it. If it's bad, I work all day and all night until it's OK again. If it's good, I don't do dick, I go to the frying pan and i fucking rage. You can do that forever if you're the right person (i.e the person who can last in corporate).

While I'm sure this is illuminating for people seeking out this thread, perhaps I could point you to the OP?

I thought it would be great if current lawyers could offer similarly in-depth explanations for the practice area that they are currently in. The idea would be that these explanations could be catalogued so that future law students who are looking at different practice groups can understand what those practice groups actually do and be able to figure out what they think is most interesting and/or suited to their talents.

as if any of this has any content

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