Finding a job in business with avg grades (help)

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Finding a job in business with avg grades (help)

Postby Anonymous User » Tue Jan 28, 2014 11:44 pm

About: I'm a 2L who got an in-house job through OCI at a medium-sized company for the summer that pays about $30/hr. Had business-related work last summer also but not in-house. I'm unfortunately below median with slightly over a 3.0 GPA from a regional T50. I'm facing about 40-50k debt due to some help/luck.

Question: I'm wondering whether it would be realistic to think I might be able to get a job (basically any job that pays over 30k) related to business after I graduate. Some attorneys have told me that small firms generally don't get much work from business clients, and that most companies with in-house staff prefer to hire people with Big Law experience or at least some firm experience. I'm aware that there is no way I will work at a large law firm in my career. So I think the main thing is trying to improve my grades and hope for something next year, whether it be another in-house gig or the possibility of working at a small firm. But wondering if anyone has advice, such as "don't even try to get a job at X" or "try networking with other people doing in-house" or "you may as well put your name in the hat for a judicial clerkship at a bankruptcy court," etc. Thanks.

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