1L at NYU with grades back, came out at 3.33

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Re: 1L at NYU with grades back, came out at 3.33

Postby Anonymous User » Thu Jan 30, 2014 9:26 am

zweitbester wrote:
Anonymous User wrote:I think the v20/v10 talk in here is misleading. OP might have a better chance at snagging Weil or Skadden than they do at getting Paul Weiss.
Definitely out: WLRK, S&C, Cravath
Probably out: STB, Paul Weiss, DPW (toss one or two bids)
Possibly in with a stellar interview: Weil, Skadden, Latham, Cleary (toss two or three bids)
Many of these places have giant classes, which cannot be said for many firms lower down the vault. You are not dinged til they tell you you are dinged.

With a 3.33 (which OP shouldn't be thinking about because he has one more semester...), he should be throwing at the bottom of his bid list (because most of these firms are not particularly overbid, in my experience)

S&C (likely ding)
Cravath (likely ding)
STB (toss-up)
Cleary (toss-up)
DPW (toss-up to probable callback)
Weil (probable callback)
Skadden (probable callback)
Kirkland (probable callback)
Latham (probable callback)
Paul Weiss (probable callback)

Forget about WLRK. Everyone else here talking about how a 3.33 from NYU doesn't have a chance at these kinds of firms doesn't know what they're talking about. A lot of these firms will take at least 25-30 NYU 2Ls for a summer program. I know median kids who scored offers at these places. Yes, it'll be hard. Brush up your interview game, but that'll be it.

But hey, instead of making dumb threads about your FIRST SEMESTER grades on this place. Stop posting here, post in the other forums and try to figure out what you did wrong (doing well as a 1L has nothing to do with hard work and everything to do with HOW you work), and focus on GETTING YOUR GRADES UP for second semester.

Getting your grades up second semester will improve your chances significantly more than any other piece of advice being given here.

OP here. Thanks for the breakdown. Yeah, I've already reviewed the "B" exam with a professor and plan on doing the same with the other b+ exam soon.

It's good to know that most firms, even if I only maintain a 3.33, are still in the mix though, although that will of course get easier if I can bump up the GPA a bit.


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Re: 1L at NYU with grades back, came out at 3.33

Postby JWalker » Thu Jan 30, 2014 3:49 pm

NYU 2L here and I'm certain that if I had OP's grades heading into EIW I'd have a job right now lol.

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