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Externship Thread

Postby Anonymous User » Wed Oct 16, 2013 10:59 pm

Although maybe not technically "employment," I was wondering if it would be possible for us to have a thread here for people to discuss externship experiences?

I am at a law school that allows you to do a full-time externship anywhere in the world in lieu of taking courses, and by God, it is such a better experience than law school. Granted, if I were still in class, I would probably not be working as hard as I am -- but perhaps this is a benefit rather than a drawback, since I am learning to work as hard as I will be in my actual career rather than wasting more months of my youth pretending to give a shit about a Law and Economics analysis of lemonade stands.

I am working at an organization that I would potentially like to work at one day, doing personally fulfilling work, and am building decent experience/obtaining networking opportunities in a field that is far removed from the BigLaw firm I will be going to next year. In an era when even the President acknowledges that the third year of law school is useless its current form, this experience really cements the truth of that for me. While it doesn't address the bigger issues like student loan debt, it at least allows law students to engage in public service (which while sitting in a classroom we so often hear empty platitudes about) while at the same time gaining real world experience. I hope that as time goes on these opportunities are not as limited as they are now.

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