Applying to small-medium county DA jobs w/o connections

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Applying to small-medium county DA jobs w/o connections

Postby jumpingjack » Tue Oct 15, 2013 2:31 pm

Hello, this is my first post here (I have lurked) so take it easy on me.

I want to be a county prosecutor after law school in Illinois, however, most of the offices in Illinois (except Cook County) will not hire pre-bar. I had an OCI with Cook but I will not learn if I made it to the second round until late November/early December.

I interned my 1L summer at a medium-sized DA's office, and 711'd at a largish one this past 2L summer. I made some good connections at both and got some great experience, especially as a 711. I think that if they have openings after I pass the bar that I would be a top contender, but as you know they may not have openings or they might go with someone else.

Thus, I want to reach out to small-medium county DA offices (not the tiny ones that only have a couple part-time prosecutors) that I have not interned at and don't have connections, in the event that I strike out with Cook/the other two offices.

I was wondering when you all thought the best way to reach out to those types of offices, and when I should do so. Perhaps the best way is to just send in whatever materials that they ask for, but I'm also thinking that it might be beneficial to call or e-mail before sending my resume/application/whatever else they want.

Thanks for any help!

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