Landing OC/SD Jobs

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Landing OC/SD Jobs

Postby Anonymous User » Wed Sep 11, 2013 11:05 am

I completely struck out in these two markets through OCI and mass mailing, so I wanted advice about what I should do to land a job (preferably biglaw) in those markets. I know the chances of me working in OC/SD immediately out of law school is practically zero, but what sort of considerations do these firms make when deciding to hire laterals/3Ls?

For instance, would it be better to work at a small firm in SoCal over biglaw in NorCal/OOS to establish stronger ties? If I choose to work NorCal or OOS, would it be best to go to the "highest" ranking firm (e.g., going to a V5 over a firm not in the V100)? Would firms be less willing to take an OOS lateral than an in-state lateral? And is there a practice area that I should focus on in particular to best improve my chances of landing an OC/SD job as a lateral/3L?

I'm sure these are pretty basic questions, but thanks for your help!

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