Send an updated resume post interview?

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Send an updated resume post interview?

Postby Anonymous User » Sat Aug 31, 2013 7:42 am

I'm a 3L and I had an interview recently with a local government agency. The job is one I've wanted for a long time, in my ideal location, and I think the interview went really well (the names of the students they were interviewing were posted and I knew all of them, I was the only candidate from and with ties to that part of the state, all of my work experience has been geared towards a career with this employer and all of my upper level courses and extracurriculars have been geared towards developing skills for this line of work. We also got along great and the interview ran over the scheduled time). The only downside is my grades are lower than the average candidate, but I've heard that doesn't matter *quite* as much with public interest and government work (it didn't even come up in the interview). Still, I'm nervous about my chances and I really, REALLY want this particular job in this particular area.

At the end of the interview they mentioned it'd be several months before they made a decision due to budgeting issues and the like. During that time I'm going to be in several competitions for one of my law school extracurriculars and I've just started a new clerkship (school year only) that may allow me to add some more to my resume, especially if I can net a win in competition (I made it pretty far in one last year). This was an activity they mentioned they were very interested in and most of the candidates they interviewed were also on this team.

TL;DR, interviewed for a job that won't be making decisions for a few months, would it be appropriate to send them an updated resume in a month or two if I have new and relevant stuff to add to it or would that be too pushy?

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